God For The Rest Of Us 

We can't meet on a Sunday morning at the moment but with today's technology we can still join together digitally!

An email jumped out at me this morning which led to me downloading a series of videos entitled "God For The Rest Of Us"

God for the Rest of Us follows the story of a Las Vegas Church in the heart of Sin City. Led by Pastor Vince Antonucci, this series focuses on real-life people you wouldn’t expect to see sitting next to you on Sunday morning.
Experience what happens when a church reaches out and asks the question: what if God is not just for the faithful, church-going, or holier-than-thou types? What if God is for the rest of us?

It's a bit radical and set in a very different world to Upper Edge but it's shows individuals working on their frontlines and tackling difficult situations and questions in their Christian life.
If they can work on their frontlines then it makes ours a 'walk in the park' - or does it?

Please join me in this study.  Maybe sit down at your computer at 10.30am on a Sunday morning and watch the video and have a think through some of the questions linked to it.

Please feel free to email me or post a comment on our Facebook page.  It would be great to have an online discussion about the points raised and your thoughts.

If anyone is able to write to DVD's I would love to be able to drop this series through the letterboxes of some of our church family who are not online.  Please let me know if you can help.

Please watch the trailer and I'll upload the first episode over the weekend.


Love and Blessings